Athletics Hammer Equipment

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Browse athletics hammer equipment and accessories at Maudesport. Our range of athletics hammers and accessories includes economy iron hammers, primary hammer packs, hammer gloves and more. See our athletics hammer weights guide below for help in choosing the best hammer for your requirements.

Athletics Weights Guide

Shot, discus, javelin, or hammer, athletics can be a wonderful pursuit and a great way of developing a healthy attitude towards activity in young people.

To ensure everyone enjoys the sports to the max, make sure that you get the weights right in your athletics events.

This helpful bit of guidance should mean that your shots, discus, javelins and hammers are the appropriate weight.

Event Adult Under 20 Under 17 Under 15 Under 13
Shot 7.26kg 6kg 5kg 4kg 3.25kg
Discus 2kg 1.75kg 1.5kg 1.25kg 1kg
Javelin 800g 800g 700g 600g 400g
Hammer 7.26kg 6kg 5kg 4kg
Event Adult Under 20 Under 17 Under 15 Under 13
Shot 4kg 4kg 4kg 3.25kg 2.72kg
Discus 1kg 1kg 1kg 1kg 0.75kg
Javelin 600g 600g 600g 600g 400g
Hammer 4kg 4kg 4kg 3kg