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Our range of basketballs includes full size basketballs, ladies basketballs, mini balls, intermediate and junior sizes. Our basketball selection includes Baden basketballs, the outstanding value Central basketball range, Molten basketballs, Mikasa basketballs and Wilson basket balls. See our basketball size chart at the foot of the page for help choosing the right basketball for your requirements.

Molten Basketball

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Basketball Size Guide

Basketball is a great sport or pastime that kids (and adults) of all ages enjoy playing and watching. As with any school sport, it's important to follow some basic guidelines - using the most appropriate size basketball is certainly one that's worth observing.

Here's a quick guide for the most suitable ball for your age group. Go on, enjoy your basektball.

Basketball Ball Size Age Group
Regulation 7 14 plus Boys
Official Womens 6 11 to 14 Boys
Intermediate 11 plus Girls
Junior 5 7 to 11 years
Mini 3 Up to 7 years

Choosing the correct size basketball will help young players develop the correct form and mean that their shooting skills are as good as they can be. And it also means that they enjoy basketball even more!