Gymkids Infant Bike

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Infant Bike.

The Gymkids Infant Bike is great fun to use and can help young children learn how to ride their own bikes. They learn how to master sitting on a bike and getting the pedals to move first before transferring these skills and acquiring the other important skills for bike riding.

The Gymkids static exercise bike helps develop core balance and early coordination skills whilst being great fun too. The Infant Bike is built out of quality steel, hard plastic and soft foam making it very tactile for young children to use. The bright colours attract children to it whilst they copy Mum and Dad on their gym equipment.

The Gymkids Infant Bike is easy to assemble and requires no specialist training to help children use it. Great for wet play days and home corners.

  • Gymkids Infant Bike Specifications
  • Maximum weight tolerance: 34kg/75 lbs.
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