Gymnic Fitball Roller

Product Code: 248053

Gymnic Fitball Rollers.

The Gymnic Fitball roller is a top op quality burst resistant inflatable cylinder. It provides the basis for balance and stabilisation exercises whilst modifying posture and providing excellent body support. Particularly effective for seated or reclining exercises.

The Gymnic Fitball roller tube is an excellent exercise tool that combines the best aspects of the Gymnic Balls and the foam rollers. The Fit Ball roller can be utilised for a host of training regimes and health and life style exercise regimes.

These rollers allow for a number of exercises, toning the ABS and the core muscle groups, stabilization relaxation, yoga and Pilates. Tubes provide an ideal stability cushion for prone and supine exercises. Made of durable latex free PVC, it is easy to clean with water and soap, inflatable, light weight and portable.

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