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Browse hockey sticks at Maudesport. Slazenger hockey sticks, Mercian sticks, Kookaburra hockey sticks and more. Our hockey stick sizing guide is at the foot of the page to help.

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Hockey Stick Sizes for Kids

Hockey is a fantastic junior and senior game, enjoyed for years in our schools and clubs.

Choosing the appropriate hockey stick length will help your younger hockey players get the most from the game.

Here's a brief guide for picking a junior hockey stick.

Stick Size Height
30in Under 4ft
32in to 34in 4ft to 4ft 3in
34in to 35in 4ft 3in to 4ft 6in
35in to 36.5in 4ft 6in to 5ft
36.5in 5ft to 5ft 6in
36.5in to 37.5in 5ft 6in and above

The player needs to be able to comfortably control the hockey stick and so length is an important factor. A rough guide is to put the index finger of your right hand on your right hip bone and put your middle and ring finger next to your index finger. The top of the hockey stick should approximately reach the side of your ring finger.