Maypoles and spare May-pole ribbons

Product Code: 180008

Maypoles and spare May-pole ribbons.

This Maypole features a 3 metre (10ft) tall aluminium pole.

The May Pole pole is constructed from 2 sections and a 58cm (23in) diameter base. The Maypole pole base can be water or sandfilled for stablity.

The crown of the maypole is equipped with 12 loops to which 12 different coloured ribbons, with 4m ribbon length and clip on using the metal bolt snaps.

Celebrating the Maypole dance is increasingly popular within school environments and community organisations. Great fun, and with historic references, the Maypole dance is traditionally performed in the spring around the festival of May Day.

Kids love the intertwining of may pole ribbons and retracing their steps to untangle their ribbon. Maypole dancing is great...but you need the pole and ribbons to enjoy the activity!

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  • Spare Maypole ribbons are available separately.
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