Niels Larsen Eurobeam

Product Code: 100325

Niels Larsen Eurobeams.

The Niels Larsen Euro Beam offers three beams in one! Versatility is the name of the game with this PE equipment. The unique Niels Larsen joining system allows you to convert this 150mm high floor beam to either a 340mm high beam or to an inclined beam, in seconds!

There's no screws, pins or other fixing involved in this gym apparatus. These floor bars are designed principally for younger children. The Eurobeam bar is easy to assemble, use, move and store.

Make more of your gymnastic and physical education lessons with the versatile and high quality Eurobeam!

  • Niels Larsen Eurobeam Specifications
  • Size: 2.4m length (94") x 100mm (4") width.
  • Weight of beam: 13.35 kgs.
  • Weight of legs (pair): 4.80 kgs.
  • Total Weight: 18.15 kgs.
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