Niels Larsen Gym Centre and Gym Centre Mat Set

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Niels Larsen Gym Centres and Gym Centre Mat Sets.

Part of the Niels Larsen Gym Time PE and gymnastics apparatus range, the Gym Centre is suitable for use at Key Stage one. The Gym Centre consists of three frames each with a different range of activities. The frames are joined and open into a 'Y' configuration to offer a multitude of activity and linking possibilities. The Gym Centre is easily folded against the wall when not in use, protruding only 0.2m.

Frame 1 is a rope frame and is fixed directly to a wall for extra rigidity, and features 2 climbing ropes (1 with turks head knots) and a rope ladder. Frame 2 is a conventional style climbing frame with horizontal bars. Frame 3 is an in and out frame introducing children to a more free style climbing experience.

The frame is suitable for use with traditional gymnastic equipment as well as other elements of the Gym Time equipment range.

Space requirements : When in use in a 'Y' configuration, 3m from the wall and 3.5m wide. A further 2m circulation area around the equipment is recommended.

When folded the frame is 2.5m high, 2m wide and 0.2m deep.

Gym Centre Mat Set.
A set of 6 lightweight mats each 1950mm long on the longest side, 1384mm long on the shorter side, and 980mm wide, designed to be used with Gym Centre climbing frame when used in the most popular Y configuration.
Straps are provided to attach the mats to the frame.
The set comprises 2 red mats, 2 orange mars and 2 lilac mats. 30mm thick.

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