Tennis Rackets

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We offer an extensive range of tennis rackets from the likes of Karakal, Grays, Dunlop and Slazenger. Plus a full selection of tennis racket sizes ideal for coaching and school tennis. And check our useful tennis racket size guide at the foot of the page. Choosing the right size tennis racket is very important for young players and will increase their enjoyment of the game.

Tennis Racket Sizes for Kids

Kids can get such a lot from tennis. It's fun, good exercise and has an excellent competitive element to it. Choosing the correct length of tennis racket will ensure that children get the most from their tennis.

Here’s a brief guide to get you started.

Size Age Group Height
19in Up to 4 1.1m
21in 4 to 6 1.1m to 1.22m
23in 6 to 9 1.22m to 1.37m
25in 9 to 12 1.37m to 1.52m
27in 13 plus 1.52m plus

The height of the child has a direct relationship to the most suitable tennis racket and so the frame length of the racket is an important factor to consider.

One guide for junior tennis racket size is if the racket reaches to the ankle of the child when hanging from the hand but without actually touching the ground.