Trampoline Push-on Mats and Double Wedge Mats

Product Code: 100551CX

Trampoline Push-on Mats.

Trampoline Push-on Mats are used by coaches to quickly 'push in' from the side of the trampoline to absorb the rebound of a landing being practiced by the gymnastics student. An essential piece of safety equipment.

Each push on mat measures 1.53m  x 1.22m  x 150mm.

Includes handles.

Double Wedge Mats (not pictured).

Absorbent mat 3.05m x 1.52m x 0.23m. Complete with 4 lifting handles. For use in between twp trampolines when they are placed end to end. Ensures there is a safe cushioned landing area for misjudged landings. 

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