Zsig Mini Tennis Balls

Product Code: 205096

Zsig Mini Tennis Balls.

Slocoach Slocoach Orange - Zsig's Slocoach range are controlled pace tennis balls with a slower, lower and easier bounce in durable top quality cloth. Designed for use over the distances of a three-quarter court, the Slocoach Orange is tailor-made for the LTA's mini or short tennis Orange Zone. ITF Approved.

Slocoach Slocoach Big Red  - At 70mm, Zsig's new Slocoach Big Red mini or short tennis ball is just a bit bigger than a standard tennis ball... but a whole lot better. That extra ten percent in diameter provides a significantly easier hitting target for beginning players. In terms of weight and bounce, the Big Red has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of the LTA's mini tennis Red Zone for young players, and has been extremely well received by tennis coaches. In durable, top quality cloth. ITF Approved.

Link Green - An excallent teaching tool for all ages, the Link Green provides the link between mini tennis and full court play by covering the full size tennis court while offering controlled pace and easier ball control. In hard-wearing, top-quality cloth. lTF Approved

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